Anti-Racism 101



Justice Jewelry relies on totally volunteer labor, so please join us! There are numerous ways to help out, especially if you live in the Philadelphia area. We need you for advertising, sales, support getting to and setting up at shows, and other jobs having to do with selling the art and raising awareness about racism.

If you’re dexterous–or if you want to find out whether you are–you could help finish the pin backs, string necklace cords, or even learn how to sew the jewelry. Please be in touch so we can talk about the possibilities. 

Kara Tennis | Justice Jewelry

Huge shout out to Pauline Boyce for her meticulous, beautiful work finishing the Justice Jewelry backs, and also for her whole-hearted learning about racial justice and reparations.

Enormous thank you to Bob Bruhin for his countless hours hanging out with me and making my ideas for this website happen. He did the same years ago for my therapist website,, and it’s a favorite activity of our longtime friendship.


Endless appreciation to Amy Childs for all of the ways she has supported the opening of my mind and heart for so many years.

Please be part of our team!